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Visit Gallery – Digital Art and Paintings Available for viewing and purchase

Original works of art by the artist available for purchase as very high quality archival inkjet prints.
Each work of art is available in many different sizes, on various mediums at many price points, making ownership of the art very accessible and affordable. Professional and a very affordable, wide selection of framing and mats are also offered as on option at the time of purchase.

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So what exactly is Digital Art and Painting?

It is a creative process whereby a digital image is either re-purposed from an existing analog or digital image(s), or is wholly created/manipulated/enhanced in the digital realm using programs such as Photoshop and many other digital imaging authoring programs. It is a new and exciting rapidly emerging art form that has evolved from traditional analog art forms like painting with creative boundaries limited only by one’s imagination.

There are multiple modes of delivery of the content including analog printing or existing solely in digital form on the internet and/or personal digital libraries, such as revolving digital wall art viewed on a very large UHD (Ultra-High Definition 4096 x 2160 pixels) Smart TV.

If a physical print is purchased, included with delivery of the print at no additional charge, an image can be downloaded from the artist directly, commensurate with the resolution of the size of the purchased print. So, for example if a 60 x 45 inch print is purchased the client is entitled to download on image of approximately 6,000 x 4,500 pixels. The image can then be displayed on a Smart TV by connecting either through a network interface or a USB “Thumb” drive. Purchase of Digital Art delivered solely in digital form is also available, including custom authored slide shows of multiple images looped for continuous play with specified duration and animation of each image.

This is a marvelous way to accentuate the decor of any living space with temporal art that is constantly changing. Please contact the artist for a quote.

An example of a brief slide show of the Sea on You-Tube  RT: 3:10

Madame La Mer

The image is watermarked with a small unobtrusive digital signature and © by the artist.

The images below were re-purposed from multiple images manipulated to an image capable of printing over 60 in. wide with no loss of resolution.

Seascape 10

Nascent Wildfire

All of the images, on this website and elsewhere are protected by U.S. and International copyright and may not be used in any form or use without the prior written permission of michael a. kominsky. © 2019 Michael A Kominsky – All Rights Reserved.

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