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a   n o v e l  —  m i c h a e l  a  k o m i n s k y

Confessions of a Media Mafia Hitman…



An epic allegory of REBIRTH–Revelation–Redemption…and REVOLUTION !

From the Great Depression through the turbulent 60′s at Berkeley to the Great Recession, comes a raucous saga of corporate conspiracy, intrigue, greed and…murder.

Michaelangelo Kozlov, a once self-satisfied plutocrat and successful “media hitman”—for the Media Mafia, a contract assassin of character—is livin’ large, when his idyllic lifestyle is shattered by a putative attack by Islamic terrorists a month after 9/11 provoking a painfully honest re-examination of his callow core values.

A cautionary, yet sometimes playful parable of the 6th Mass Extinction from Climate Change…unless…

Does the aging artist Mickey Kozlov, a once strident 60’s counterculture activist have the courage, conviction and guile to again oppose, by any means necessary, the canons and ruthless plutocrats of the same mighty machina ex corporati that made him very rich?

Based on  true events—the horrific 1999 petroleum pipeline explosion in Bellingham Washington that claimed three innocent, young unfinished lives, causing millions of dollars of damage to a pristine ecosystem.

So this tragic incident became the inspirational and aspirational genesis; a roman à clef, (Fr. a novel with a key) or a novel about real life, overlaid with a facade of fiction.

Certain liberties were taken with the facts, including causation and dates for literary and dramatic purposes.

Grandiose? Perhaps.  Middlebrow? Probably.  Pedantic? Sure. It’s a gift…

With the exception of notable historical figures, all the characters are fictitious–any resemblance to the bad guys, living or dead, is purely coincidental…unless it ain’t. The main protagonist Michaelangelo Kozlov bears more than a casual resemblance to the author…insofar as the similitude and abundance of disturbing foibles and irritating eccentricities.


Michaelangelo’s Renaissance (2016 – 682 pp)  Trade paperback and eBook on Amazon.com


AMERICAN AMNESIA         (Scheduled release date – Winter of 2021)
AMERICAN ALGORITHM  (Scheduled release date – Winter of 2021)
AMERICAN ANARCHY        (Scheduled release date – Spring of 2022)

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“Be ashamed to die until you have scored some victory for humanity…”
– Horace Mann

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